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Research and Evaluation Specialist, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD), State of Hawai‘i, Department of Health, Oahu (posted 10/15/16)

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD) of the state of Hawai‘i Department of Health has a position open for a Research and Evaluation Specialist. Major duties and responsibilities include system evaluation by means of statistical analyses, data management, development and testing of measures, development of reports and publications, presentation of evaluation reports to various stakeholders, development of online dashboards and reports, and supervision of four staff. Please see: https://health.hawaii.gov/employment/files/2013/05/CAMHD_Research__Evaluation_Specialist_112801.pdf
This position is a great fit for qualified individuals who are passionate about supporting and scientifically investigating large-scale youth mental health quality improvement efforts around initiatives such as evidence-based practices, measurement feedback systems, data-based decision making, and organizational support initiatives. The applicant who fills this position will be joining a well-established and long-standing dynamic group of researchers and support staff organized into a University of Hawaii Department of Psychology-CAMHD collaborative, referred to as the “Research, Evaluation and Training” Program (see Chorpita and Mueller, 2008 for a description). We have fun, support student development, produce important research, take leadership in significant mental health system improvement and reform and get to live in Hawai‘i!
More information about the research and evaluation partnership can be found at: https://charleswmueller.wordpress.com/child-and-adolescent-mental-health-division/, including a link to the Research and Evaluation team’s Curriculum Vitae (“RET-CV”). You can find out more about CAMHD here: http://health.hawaii.gov/camhd/. For more information, you can contact David Jackson at david.jackson@doh.hawaii.gov, Chuck Mueller at cmueller@hawaii.edu or Brad Nakamura at bradn@hawaii.edu.
Chorpita, B. & Mueller, C. (2008). Toward new models for research, community, and consumer partnerships: Some guiding principles and an illustration. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 15, 144-148.