Division 53 | Internship and Postdoctoral Positions

Internship and Postdoctoral Positions


Below are lists of Internship and Post-Doctoral sites that may be of particular interest to members of Division 53 whose interests focus on clinical child and/or pediatric psychology.

Please note that the sites listed here were assembled from existing lists produced by APA Division 53 (Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology) and Division 54 (Pediatric Psychology).  These lists are not exhaustive, nor do they indicate favoritism or endorsement of any particular program or programs by Division 53 or its affiliates. There are a number of other programs that also offer predoctoral internship  and post-doctoral fellowship training experiences with child and adolescent populations. We encourage you to use the APPIC online directory, along with consultation with your peers, supervisors, and faculty mentors, to identify internship and fellowship programs that fit your needs and training goals.

Program Directors: if you would like your site to be added to this list, please send (a) the name of your program, (b) the program’s website, and (c) your contact information to Michelle Rozenman.

Please note that this list is updated yearly on August 1st so be sure to send any additions between June 1st and August 1st of each calendar year.

Internships Positions

The 8th edition of the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP)'s Directory of Training Opportunities for Clinical Psychology Interns is here. Results were compiled from clinical internship sites during the Fall of 2014. The Directory has been published by SSCP since 1974 as a resource for graduate students and clinical faculty members. The Directory provides unique information not available elsewhere, including research opportunities and training in empirically supported interventions.

Please click here to download an excel spreadsheet with this information (file last updated 10-11-2015).

Postdoctoral Positions

We have compiled a list of Postdoctoral Opportunities with focus on Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology posted from their announcement on the Division 53 Listserv.

Please visit our Career Center page to see the Postdoctoral Opportunities organized by State.

Fellowship Coordinators and/or Hiring Faculty: If you would like to have a post-doctoral position added, please email our Web Editor.