Division 53 | New SCCAP Website!

New SCCAP Website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly updated SCCAP website! You will notice that you still have all of the features of the previous site, such as access to the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and In Balance Newsletter online.  The new site offers additional features such as a searchable event calendar and employment database, quick links to related content and to www.effectivechildtherapy.com, our sister site dedicated to providing families and mental health professionals the most up-to-date information about mental health treatment.

Over the next several months, keep an eye out for announcements regarding new online training opportunities for students and professionals. Division 53 and Florida International University's Center for Children and Families are working diligently to record and make available a speaker series on Evidence Based Approaches in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. This is an ongoing series featuring reviews of evidence based approaches for a particular disorder and workshops for evidence based interventions presented by treatment developers.  Click here to register to attend one of the presentations in person: http://casgroup.fiu.edu/CCF/pages.php?id=3747
We will continue to update and improve the functionality of the site. The strength of the site will always remain in the quality and breadth of content so that it will continue to serves as a reliable and efficient source of information to our members and to the public.
All of our members will be receiving an email with their username and instructions on how to set a new password in order to access the member benefits including access to JCCAP. If you have any questions or problems in this process, please contact Lynn Canty

We hope you enjoy our new website. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or announcements for the website.

Stephon Proctor
Division 53 Website Editor