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Practice Resources

Online Training in Evidence-Based Practice

The Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and Florida International University's Center for Children and Families are proud to offer online education in evidence based approaches in child and adolescent mental health.

The available videos and resources are applicable to a wide variety of students and professionals (e.g. teachers, mental health counselors, case workers) who work with youth and their parents.

Visit our new Effective Child Therapy Online Education Website!


You will find informational videos that feature reviews and workshops for evidence-based interventions presented by the experts in the field. The available videos and resources are applicable to a wide variety of professionals who work with youth. In addition, professionals can earn continuing education credit for watching our videos.         

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

You will find brief videos that are interviews with experts in specific problems experienced by families and children. We hope that these videos will provide useful information to parents and caregivers about mental health issues experienced by children and adolescents.


Latest on Evidence-based Treatments: In collaboration with the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT), Division 53 the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, developed this website as a free resource for parents and mental health professionals. Many treatments are available for child and adolescent mental health symptoms. Some are backed by science (i.e., “evidence-based treatments”), and some are not. This site was developed to educate the public and professionals about mental health treatments that have the strongest scientific support, and are most likely to work.

Also a resource for Parents and Caregivers: It is quite common for parents and other caregivers to feel overwhelmed and confused when trying to care for a child or adolescent who is suffering from mental health problems. Unfortunately, given the array of available treatment options, as well as the increasing complications and limitations of managed care, parents are often at an even greater loss as to how to find the most effective and efficient treatment for their child. Families want their children to get the best possible treatment, and this site maintains an updated list of treatments with strong scientific support.